About me

Hi, I’m Naomi and I am 20. I identify as non binary, queer and my pronouns are they/them 🏳️‍🌈

I have various mental health conditions including Emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD aka BPD), Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. I have experienced episodes of psychosis which were related to traumas and had issues with eating in the past. I am currently in therapy for dissociative identity disorder (DID) which means I have multiple personalities (aka parts or alters) which was also caused by traumas 👥

My mental health problems lead to numerous admissions to hospital and a few months ago I was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND) when I started experiencing paralysis down my left side. I was also diagnosed with non epileptic attack disorder (NEAD) after I started having dissociative seizures. Unfortunately, this left me bedbound in hospital for several weeks and I had to have intensive physiotherapy to learn how to walk again 👣

This was me in hospital 🏥

Since then, I have been discharged from hospital and come a long way. I can now go on short walks with the use of my walking stick (who I have named Nora) 🙂. My seizures have decreased dramatically and I feel a lot more confident! I have also managed to get enough strength back in my hand to be able to crochet again which is something I love to do as it really helps my mental health 🧠

My first walk with Nora the walking stick!

I am passionate about discussing all mental health conditions, breaking the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and talking openly about your feelings which is why I decided to write these blog posts to encourage people to talk about their mental health problems, support each other, educate yourselves on different illnesses and to also share my own journey in the hope that my words and my story will help somebody else know that they’re not alone and they can get through it!

Thankyou for reading!

-Naomi 💜