Self care

Self care can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some people think of self care and they immediately picture facemasks, bubble baths and getting their nails done. Of course that is self care too but self care is also the boring things like brushing your teeth, taking your prescribed medications, showering, brushing your hair etc.

I have always found self care really hard because of lack of motivation, feelings around not deserving self care etc. But recently I’ve been making a real effort to do basic self care everyday.

I also do face masks and my makeup on days when I’m struggling as it is a good distraction.

Self care is so important. It can really boost your mood and reduce your stress levels. Getting into the routine of doing some form of self care everyday can be really beneficial to your mental & physical health.

You deserve to be cared for and you deserve to feel good about yourself!

-Naomi 💜